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2024 Honda Prologue in Kansas City

“Fun-to-drive dynamics, innovative technology, ample space—the Prologue is the first all-electric SUV from Honda that offers a driving experience that’s as comfortable as it is exhilarating.” —

  • Single Motor Front-Wheel Drive with 212 Horsepower (SAE net)*
  • 85 kWh Battery Capacity
  • Driver’s Seat with 10-Way Power Adjustment with Power Lumbar Support
  • 11.3-in Color Touchscreen Display
  • Blind Zone Steering Assist*
  • Rear Cross Traffic Braking
2024 Honda Prologue For Sale in Kansas City

2024 Honda Prologue MODELS

  • Prologue EX

    Prologue EX

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    Prologue Touring

  • Prologue Elite

    Prologue Elite

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2024 Honda Prologue performance

AWD Dual Motor

The AWD Dual Motor configuration maximizes available traction across all four wheels, transferring power to where it's needed most so you can enjoy more thrills and better handling on the open road.

2024 Honda Prologue performance

Regenerative-Braking Paddle Shifter

Control and efficiency are at your fingertips with a regenerative-braking paddle shifter. You can shift through different braking levels that harness the energy typically lost during deceleration and convert it to electric power, conserving the charge of your Prologue even while driving.

2024 Honda Prologue performance

Sport Mode

When it’s time to take your driving experience to the next level, there’s no better way to do it than with available Sport Mode. From throttle response to increased braking power, Sport Mode unleashes the full potential of the Prologue.

2024 Honda Prologue performance

Double Wishbone Suspension

Whether you’re exploring scenic highways or roaming the open road, the Prologue is always ready for adventure. A double wishbone suspension creates an agile driving experience for a smooth ride with sharp handling.

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2024 Honda Prologue Appearance Main Img
2024 Honda Prologue appearance

LED Lighting

From the sleek brilliance of full LED headlights, complete with daytime running lights, to the welcoming glow that accompanies side puddle lighting, to full LED taillights, let LED tech illuminate every aspect of your journey in the Prologue.

2024 Honda Prologue appearance

21-Inch Alloy Wheels

21-inch alloy wheels, the largest offered in the Honda lineup, command respect on and off the road.

2024 Honda Prologue appearance

Roof Rails

Enjoy utility with versatility by pairing roof rails—a must-have for adventure-seekers—with Honda Genuine Accessory crossbars, allowing you to mount a roof box, bike attachment, and more.

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2024 Honda Prologue comfort

Room for Everyone

Inside the Prologue, the cabin offers ample space for friends and family and is fully loaded with clean and functional design details like two-tone leather seating and increased storage capacity.

2024 Honda Prologue comfort

Apple CarPlay® Compatibility

Apple CarPlay® compatibility comes standard on every Prologue, offering access to your favorite iPhone® features like maps, audio, messaging, and more.

2024 Honda Prologue comfort

Wireless Charger

Keep your compatible smartphone powered up while you’re on the move. With the pocket-type wireless charger, you can charge your phone without ever plugging in.

2024 Honda Prologue comfort

Home Charging

Charge up during your downtime at home with flexible Level 1 or Level 2 portable cord sets that can be used on a standard dedicated wall outlet. Selecting and installing your home charging solution is easy with the help of Honda Home Electrification.

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Honda Limited Warranty

All new Honda vehicles are covered by a 3-Year/36,000-Mile Limited Warranty, plus a 5-Year/60,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. High Voltage Batteries are covered for 8-year/100,000 miles in addition to the New Vehicle Limited.
2024 Honda Prologue Safety Main Img
2024 Honda Prologue safety

Blind Zone Steering Assist

Blind Zone Steering Assist offers a proactive approach to driving by gently counter-steering the wheel when unexpected obstacles appear. This innovative monitoring system helps prevent unintentional lane changes and crashes, keeping you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road more protected.

2024 Honda Prologue safety

Rear Cross Traffic Braking

An all-new Rear Cross Traffic Braking system is designed to detect vehicles approaching from the sides while in reverse. When a potential collision risk is identified, the system not only provides visual and audible warnings, but also takes proactive measures by automatically applying the brakes when necessary.

2024 Honda Prologue safety

Rear Pedestrian Alert

Rear Pedestrian Alert provides an extra layer of protection for both drivers and pedestrians. The all-new system uses cameras to detect approaching passersby. When a pedestrian is identified, audible and visual warning signals are triggered to help you avoid a potential crash.

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